Happy Ending Massage

Whew! What A Foot Can Do To uh – – – Rabbit.

6 Responses

  1. I would like to have a deep full body massage.

    Can you quote me a price/hr and a happy ending?

  2. Oh. So your looking for prostitution and doing your search on-line? Smart man.

  3. Lola… it puzzles me how you happen to come across this gentleman’s post? Are you just googling “happy ending” so you can criticize anyone who posts a question regarding this? I think you need to get a life.

  4. going rate is usually 50 to 60 an hr. for msaasage happy endings can run up real high real fast.
    a good rule of thumb is tip same for the hr. of massage.
    A few years ago a really hot Russian girl litterally had me by the balls. seemed a pity not to give in to her desires.
    It’s been my experience many times the would be { poor little exploited therapist } is just as horny as me if not more so.
    Being a nice, good looking, and well endowed man that goes along way in how the therapist interacts with me. oh and I’m generous with the “tip”

  5. HappyEndingReviews.com has the answers for you!

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